Common questions about ABSORICA LD™

Starting on a new medication can leave you with a number of questions. So, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions that patients sometimes have about ABSORICA LD. If you don’t see your question here, you can consult the Medication Guide or ask your dermatologist.

Paying for ABSORICA LD | Pregnancy and nursing | iPLEDGE® and ABSORICA LD | Dosing guidelines | What to know about ABSORICA LD | Storage and travel


Paying for ABSORICA LD

Will my insurance cover ABSORICA LD?

The majority of commercial insurance plans cover ABSORICA LD. You can also sign up for the ABSORICA LD Copay Card to pay as little as $0 a month.*

*Patients are not eligible if prescriptions are paid in part or full by any state or federally funded programs, included but not limited to Medicare or Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DOD, or Tricare, and where prohibited by law.

What will my out-of-pocket costs be for ABSORICA LD?

Every insurance is different, but most patients can expect to pay an average of $50 for their prescription each month. To help cover these costs, ABSORICA LD offers a Copay Card to help eligible patients reduce or eliminate their out-of-pocket costs.

Pregnancy and nursing

Can I take ABSORICA LD if I’m pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

The active ingredient in ABSORICA LD is isotretinoin, which can cause birth defects, miscarriages, premature births, and neonatal death. You should not get pregnant or plan to become pregnant:

  • For 1 month before starting ABSORICA LD
  • While taking ABSORICA LD
  • For 1 month after stopping ABSORICA LD

In order to receive your ABSORICA LD prescription, you must agree to not to get pregnant and enroll in the iPLEDGE® Program. If you get pregnant while taking ABSORICA LD, stop taking it right away and call your dermatologist.

Can I breastfeed while taking ABSORICA LD?

Due to the potential for serious adverse reactions from isotretinoin in nursing infants, you should not breastfeed while taking ABSORICA LD and for at least 8 days after the last dose of ABSORICA LD.


How do I register with the iPLEDGE® Program?

Your dermatologist will register you in the iPLEDGE® Program. and provide you with an ID card that includes a username. After your dermatologist registers you, your password will be mailed to you to access the iPLEDGE® Program online. You should receive your password within 5 to 10 days.

Why do male patients have to enroll in the iPLEDGE® Program?

Because the iPLEDGE® Program is a restricted distribution program, one of the requirements for the iPLEDGE® Program is the reporting and data collection of sales and dispensing of isotretinoin outside of the iPLEDGE® Program. Therefore, the program is required for all patients in order to effectively manage the distribution of isotretinoin product at all times to all patients.

Should I call my pharmacy ahead of time to ensure that they carry ABSORICA LD?

Prior to filling your ABSORICA LD prescription, contact your pharmacy to ensure that they have enough in stock to fill and dispense your prescription. Your pharmacy must fill and dispense the prescription within the prescription window provided by the iPLEDGE® Program each month.

Dosing guidelines

How do I take ABSORICA LD?

Take ABSORICA LD 2 times a day with or without meals, unless your dermatologist tells you otherwise. Swallow your ABSORICA LD capsules whole with a full glass of liquid. Do not chew or suck on the capsules. ABSORICA LD can hurt your esophagus if it is not swallowed whole.

Do I need to take ABSORICA LD with a meal?

ABSORICA LD can be taken with or without food. For any medication to work as intended, it needs to be absorbed. In order for most isotretinoin medications to be optimally absorbed, they need lipids (fats) from food to attach to. But ABSORICA LD is different thanks to its micronization technology. It can be taken with or without food for maximum absorption.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose of ABSORICA LD, just skip that dose. Do not take 2 doses at the same time. If you take too much ABSORICA LD or overdose, call your dermatologist or poison control center right away.

Why do I have to get blood tests while taking ABSORICA LD?

ABSORICA LD may cause some side effects that can be detected and managed through blood tests. Therefore, your dermatologist will instruct you to receive monthly blood tests prior to receiving your next 30-day supply of ABSORICA LD. Your dermatologist will check your blood for cholesterol issues, liver abnormalities, blood sugar problems, red and white blood cell counts, and to ensure that you are not pregnant.

What to know about ABSORICA LD


ABSORICA LD is a prescription medication used in patients 12 years of age and older for the treatment of severe nodular acne that cannot be cleared up by any other acne treatments, including antibiotics.

Do not change between ABSORICA and ABSORICA LD or other isotretinoin products.

ABSORICA LD can harm your unborn baby. Avoid ABSORICA LD if pregnant. ABSORICA LD can cause serious mental health problems including depression and psychosis. See additional safety information below.

How long does a treatment cycle of ABSORICA LD last?

ABSORICA LD should be taken for 15 to 20 weeks or as your dermatologist prescribes. After you stop treatment, keep in mind that your skin could continue to improve over time—even after treatment ends.

When will I start to see results?

Some people taking ABSORICA LD could start seeing results within the first month of treatment. Most people should expect to see a 90% reduction in the number of nodules in 5 months.* After you stop treatment, keep in mind that your skin could continue to improve over time—even after treatment ends.

*Based on a study of patients taking ABSORICA.

Results based on per-protocol analysis. When analyzed using the intention-to-treat analysis, ABSORICA demonstrated that 70% of individuals achieved 90% clearance at Month 5.

What side effects should I be aware of?

Just like with any medication, you could experience side effects while taking ABSORICA LD. The most common side effects most reported include acne flare-ups, skin dryness, and sensitivity to light. Other common side effects include back pain, joint or muscle pain, inflammation of the lips or skin, headaches, nosebleeds, common colds, upper respiratory tract infection, blurred eyesight, and increased blood creatine kinase.

If you experience any side effect that bothers you or does not go away, be sure to talk to your dermatologist.

Learn more about possible side effects. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, consult the Medication Guide or ask your dermatologist.

What should I do if I experience dryness?

Don’t worry, dryness is a common side effect of the medication. To help keep your nose moisturized and prevent potential nosebleeds, you can try using a saline nasal spray. Talk to your dermatologist about the best way to keep your lips and skin moisturized.

Can I go out into the sun while taking ABSORICA LD?

Seek cover if you are planning to go outside. Because ABSORICA LD is a derivative of vitamin A, it can cause your skin to be sensitive to sunlight. If you’re planning to go outside, don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen to keep your skin safe while taking ABSORICA LD. You can even grab a hat or a long-sleeved shirt to cover up.

How should I wash my face while taking ABSORICA LD?

It’s best to use lukewarm water when washing your face to get rid of excess oil and help ensure that bacteria doesn’t get trapped.

Storage and travel

How do I store ABSORICA LD?

ABSORICA LD capsules should be stored at room temperature, from 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C), and protected from light.

Can I travel with ABSORICA LD?

Because ABSORICA LD capsules can be stored at room temperature, traveling with your prescription is relatively easy. If you’re traveling by plane, it’s best to keep your ABSORICA LD prescription in a carry-on to ensure easier access.

a Lasting Difference

Be sure to discuss any medications you may be taking with your dermatologist, as well as any family history of mental illness.

(pronounced AB-SORE-I-KAH L-D) by name at the pharmacy.

There is only one ABSORICA LD, and you could receive it at no cost§

ABSORICA LD is a branded isotretinoin and is covered by the majority of commercial insurance plans. And you could pay $0 for your ABSORICA LD prescription with the ABSORICA LD Copay Card.

Because of its innovative technology, if your dermatologist prescribes ABSORICA LD, it should not be substituted for another form of isotretinoin. Be sure to talk to your pharmacist or dermatologist if you have any questions.

§Eligibility limits apply. Click here to see full limits and conditions.